Bio-Identical Hormone

Do you suffer from...

• Fatigue

• Loss of interest on activities

• Headaches

• Brain Fog

• Insomnia

• Depression

• Weight gain

• Hot Flashes

• Low Libido

• Vaginal Dryness

• Erectile Dysfunction

If so, you may be suffering from a hormone imbalance or a deficiency.

Customized Hormone Balancing

At Boat Club Medical, after a consultation, physical exam and laboratory testing, a customized hormone balancing treatment plan will be created for you. We use compounded topical hormones, injectables, or bio-identical pellet therapy to achieve optimal hormone levels and well-being.

What are pellets and why use them?

Pellets are small, cylinder-shaped compounded medications using bio-identical hormones that are inserted in the sub-cutaneous tissue (fat) in simple, in-office procedures by a certified medical provider. These bio-identical hormones are both structurally and biologically identical to the body’s own hormones and are released over 3-6 months at a natural steady rate that varies with a person’s physical activity level. This mimics what the body does naturally and avoids the ups and downs that can be seen with other delivery systems. These more natural hormones cause less side effects while maximizing the cardiovascular, emotional, brain and emotional benefits.

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