Boat Club Medical Spa Facials

All of our services include a skin analysis and recommendations of how to achieve your desired skin care results with a relaxing cleanse, tone, steaming session, mask, extractions, skin polishing, and protection from UV. To add this skin rejuvenation, each service includes a face, neck and arm massage to stimulate oxygen in the tissues while enhancing relaxation. Each facial is designed to accomplish a specific goal, based on each individual need.

Ageless Beauty Customized Facial / 50 Minutes / $80

Maintain a fresh, healthy glow to your skin with the use of botanically based products while addressing aging, pigment issues, fine lines, redness or acne in this customized facial. This relaxing and corrective facial leaves the skin healthy and refreshed, stimulates collagen and elastin while addressing skin concerns.

Express Facial / 30 Minutes / $39

Cleanse, Tone, Mask & Moisture

Clear Skin Purifying Facial / 50 Minutes / $85

This purifying facial will help banish your breakouts by removing oils and impurities.

Hydrating Refresher Facial / 50 Minutes / $65

Maintain a healthy glow to your skin with this refreshing facial. Individually customized for your skin type.

Brightening Facial / 50 Minutes / $65

This relaxing facial is tailored to address pigment concerns and brighten the skin. This relaxing facial is a beautiful treat for you and your skin.

Redness Relief / 50 Minutes / $65

This facial is designed to calm redness from rosacea or general inflammation leaving the skin hydrated and cooled down.

Specialty Facials

Maui Facial / 50 Minutes / $99

This anti-aging facial brings tropical paradise to your skin via pineapple enzymes, flower mask, vitamins and antioxidants that gently removes old skin while leaving bright, smooth, radiant skin.

Mint Papaya Calming Facial / 50 Minutes / $99

This enzyme based facial with a delightful minty aroma and slight sizzling sensation followed by a grape seed mask helps with pigment issues and fine lines while calming any redness.

Go and Glow Facial / 120 Minutes / $125

Dermaplaning followed by a Pumpkin enzyme facial designed to remove old skin and return a glowing complexion.

Visible Redness Relief / 50 Minutes / $99

Acne, Rosacea, or redness is calmed down with rosemary, basil and enzymes from pineapple. This exfoliating, antioxidant facial regenerates old skin into new, healthy skin.

My Apple Wine Time Facial Peel / 50 Minutes / $99

This apple wine mild peeling agent removes dead skin, provides antioxidant support for skin, helps hydrate the skin, helps acne/pigment, fine lines and boost the skin with nutrients tall while softening skin.

Hydrafacial MD / Starting at $150

This award winning treatment exfoliates, extracts and replenishes the skin with vital nutrients. This procedure improves the texture of your skin by simulating collagen and elastin proteins to visibly improve the appearance of one lines and wrinkles, while leaving your skin hydrated and glowing! During your initial consultation, at BCM we will evaluate your skin and create a custom HydraFacial treatment plan for you.

Teen Break-Out Facial / 50 Minutes / $65

This facial purifies and calms the skin while removing debris from blocked pores that brings relief to inflamed skin.

Light / Medium Chemical Peels

Vitamin Facial Peel / 50 Minutes / $125

Giving your skin a boost of vitality with this invigorating facial with vitamins and peptides stimulates circulation, helps uneven pigment, firms the skin, and leaves skin with a radiant healthy glow!

Hibiscus Light Peel Facial / 50 Minutes / $125

This mini skin peel allows you to enjoy the benefits of a hibiscus treatment with minimum down time. It lightly removes the top layer of dead skin cells followed by infusion of the skin with hydrating moisturizers that penetrate deeper into the skin. This is great for all skin types and fights the skins of aging, brightens the skin and improves cell regeneration to stimulate collagen activity, provide antioxidant benefits, and balance skin oils. This beauty experience is a must!

Pigment Be-Gone Peel / 50 Minutes / $125

This combination of naturally brightening agents address pigment concerns leaving a more uniformed and brightened complexion.

Renewal Peel / 50 Minutes / $125

This amazing hydrating mandelic acid peel with over 20 amino acids helps with pigment, acne, fine lines and stimulates collagen and elastin leaving you with renewed, refreshed glowing skin.

Perk Me Up Peel / 50 Minutes / $125

This combination of apple wine peel, green tea and citrus addresses skin tone, pigment, fine lines, dehydration and leaves the skin with a velvety smooth surface while providing anti-aging correction of skin concerns.

Perk Me Up Bonus Peel / 50 Minutes / $145

This combination apple wine peel, green tea and citrus addresses skin tone, pigment, fine lines, dehydration and leaves the skin with a velvety smooth surface while providing anti-aging correction of skin concerns. Add on vitamin A plus for enhanced amazing results.