Botox & Dysport

The use of botulinum toxin is one of the most popular treatments for facial aging. It is a safe, effective, in-office procedure to relax the muscles of the face and improve the expression lines around the eyes/forehead from repeated smiling, frowning, and squinting. This relaxed appearance of the expression lines makes the face appear more youthful, relaxed, smoother, and refreshed. This treatment is also used to prevent the formation of these age lines!

What it treats:

  • Frown Lines
  • Marionette Lines
  • Forehead Lines
  • Lip Lines
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Bunny Lines on Nose
  • Pebbled Chin
  • Neck Lines (micro-tox)
  • Gummy Smile
  • Down Turned Nose

Other Uses:

Excessive sweating of armpits and facial slimming from enlarged jaw muscles.

Procedure Time:

15-30 Minutes

Recovery Time / Side Effects:

Redness or light swelling for about 15 minutes. Potential bruising lasting up to a week.


After Botox or Dysport, you will start to see results within 3-4 days will maximial results at 2 weeks. Results can last 3-4 months.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Botox/Dysport work?
Botox and Dysport are purified proteins that temporarily block the nerve signals responsible for full muscle contraction during expression.

What is the difference between Botox and Dysport?
Both are purified neuromodulator proteins. In our experience and studies, both products are safe, effective and achieve the same results.

Will I look natural or frozen?
The ideal injection, is one that is not noticed. Our goal is to make you look naturally refreshed.

Do men use Botox/Dysport?
Absolutely! This is one of our most popular treatments for our male clients. The natural results are appealing to men wanting to maintain their appearance.

Does the treatment hurt?
The procedure is done with a very small 31 gauge needle. The majority of clients feel a slight sting that is very tolerable.

What is micro-tox?
Microtox is an advanced Botox-based technique developed to treat fine lines. A diluted botox is used for intra-dermal injection to smooth fine lines.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary depending on patient body type, the number of treatments, or the duration of treatments. For additional information on procedure effectiveness and expected results please consult a member of the Boat Club Medical Spa team.