Mesotherapy is the injection of pharmaceutical agents to target fat cells and cause these cells to dissolve. This treatment is ideal for patients with a normal BMI to dissolve small pockets of fat such as under the chin or love handles to help contour the body. This is not for weight loss or large areas of fat.

Kybella (deoxycholic acid) is the FDA approved medication to dissolve the double chin. This helps improve the jawline and profile of the face. Kybella destroys fat calls that once destroyed that cannot accumulate fat.

This relatively painless procedure is done in the office in about 20 minutes! Most patients require 2-4 treatments to achieve desired results.

What it treats:

  • Submental Fat (Double Chin)
  • Small Pockets of Fat

Procedure Time:

30 Minutes


You will experience swelling for 7-10 days and possible bruising. Immediate post injection there is a burning sensation. Fat dissolves permanently and skin tightens.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the fat be permanently dissolved?
Yes! Once the fat is destroyed, it will not re-accumulate.

What are the possible side effects?
Most common side effects are mild and include burning, bruising, pain, numbness, and hard areas in skin. Less common but potential side effects include ulceration, difficulty swallowing, drainage, necrosis, and nerve injury resulting in an uneven smile. Nerve injury has been self-limited in all cases to date. To avoid this, an experience injector is key to minimize this risk.

Am I a candidate?
Kybella is approved for patient 18 and older with moderate to severe fat below the chin but may not be appropriate for candidate with prominent platysmas bands, who have post platysmas fat, infection or prior surgery to treatment area.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary depending on patient body type, the number of treatments, or the duration of treatments. For additional information on procedure effectiveness and expected results please consult a member of the Boat Club Medical Spa team.