Wellness Exams

At Boat Club Medical, we are proud to offer a comprehensive physical exam. We believe the best way to achieve optimal health is through prevention and earlier detection of disease.

Your Annual Exam Includes:

• Detailed personal and family history
• Baseline EKG – yearly screening enables subtle changes to be detected.
• Extensive Laboratory Testing – we test for vitamin deficiencies, heart disease/diabetic/cholesterol biomarkers – the earliest signs for the diseases
• Sonograms – neck and vascular screening to detect plague build up in arteries that, if undetected, can lead to stroke or heart disease.
• ANS with ABI/Pseudomotor Testing – detection of neuropathy and artery disease, identify patients at risk for cardiovascular events or stroke.
• Vision/hearing screening
• Urinalysis
• Spirometry Testing – lung function test in smokers or those who have smoked in the past to detect COPD.
Allergy Testing – skin testing performed in the office
• PGX Medication Testing – pharmacogenetics testing is the testing of certain genes to determine how individuals are going to react to certain medication, which greatly reduces Adverse Drug Reactions

* Testing is customized to individual patients

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Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy

Millions of people suffer from allergies. Allergies are the overreaction of the immune system to allergens that are breathed in, eaten or touched and the body response by producing IGE antibodies to these allergens. The symptoms can present in multiple ways from sneezing, watery eyes, stomach upset/bloating, diarrhea, skin rashes, to life-threatening reactions.

Allergy or Sensitivity?

Allergies are an immune response trigger by the body shown with positive IGE or IGG in delayed reaction. A sensitivity or intolerance is a reaction trigger by the digestive system upon exposure to a substance.

We perform in-office skin testing and offer advanced blood testing to check for common allergens/sensitivities and frequently overlooked causes such as spices, yeast or molds. Once an allergy or sensitivity is detected, people can take antihistamines to help decrease the symptoms or make appropriate changes to avoid the offending agent. But often, this is not enough to achieve relief from the symptoms or the allergen cannot be avoided.

We offer in-office immunotherapy, which is the process using low dose allergens in an injection to desensitize the response and decrease the symptoms. More than 95% of patients who receive immunotherapy see a significant decrease in their allergy symptoms.

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